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2018 Conference

April 19-20, 2018

Lisbon, Portugal



Paul Mihailidis is Principle Investigator and Co-Director of the Engagement Lab and Associate Professor in the School of Communication at Emerson College. His research explores the nexus of media literacy, young people and engagement in civic life. He is the Director of the Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change, a program that annually gathers scholars and students from around the world to investigate media and global citizenship.

Nico Carpentier is Professor at the Department of Informatics & Media of Uppsala University. Additionally, he holds two part-time positions: Associate Professor at the Communication Studies Department of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Docent at Charles University in Prague. He is a Research Fellow at Loughborough University and Cyprus University of Technology. He is an executive board member of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR).



Divina Frau-Meigs,  Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – UNESCO, France

Alice Lee, Hong Kong University, China

Michael Hoechsmann, Lakehead University, Canada

Cristiane Parente, Universidade do Minho, Portugal

Alfonso Gutierrez-Martin & Alba Torrego Gonzalez, University of Valladolid-Segovia, Spain

Julie Frechette, Worcester State University-ACME, USA

Evanna Ratner, Gordan Academic College, Israel

Silke Grafe, University of Würzburg, Germany

Julio Cesar Mateus Borea, Universitat Pompeu Fabra-Barcelona, Spain

Marcus Leaning, University of Winchester-UK

Marta Portalés Oliva, Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación, Spain

Tessa Jolls, Center for Media Literacy, USA

...and many more!!!

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